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We are entering an age in which digital distribution of entertainment content is becoming the dominant mode. As distribution networks become more fragmented and diverse, the need for universal identifiers of content becomes more and more critical to accurately identifying and finding the right work, and for seamlessly exchanging information with trade partners, ratings agencies, and royalty auditing.

Enter EIDR. Founded in 2010 by leading players in the digital content arena, including CableLabs, MovieLabs, and Rovi, EIDR oversees the definition and operation of the world-wide standard for defining and identifying entertainment content. The the three and a half years since its founding, the major studios have registered their back-catalog and pipeline content. There are currently over one million(!) titles registered with EIDR, and it is quickly becoming the backbone of the emerging digital content distribution infrastructure.

Broadband internet is a part of virtually every household in the industrialized world. And streaming delivery of entertainment provides a set of advantages that overwhelms all previous methods.

  • Low cost
  • The bandwidth for delivering a high-definition movie over the internet is less than two cents. No trucks to pay for, no manufacturing costs, no warehouses, and no shrink wrap.

  • Metered usage
  • With streaming delivery, content providers can meter (and perhaps monetize) every single showing of every single asset. Under "traditional" distribution models, content can be re-watched, shared, or copied.

  • Narrow content
  • The increasing diversity of the entertainment marketplace has made it possible to support a breadth and depth of entertainment channels undreamt of twenty years ago. And each channel has the potential of reaching a smaller--but higher intensity--audience. With the addition of internet-only channels (through technologies like Roku), there are ever increasing outlets for new and legacy entertainment content.

  • Long Tail economics
  • As an adjunct to more specialized programming, the unbounding of distribution channels has also provided the means for consumer access of legacy material. Since digital streaming removes almost all friction from retail distribution, it becomes economic to make older programming available that would have been discarded in generations past, providing for longer revenue streams.

EIDR Atvantages
This is where EIDR steps in. As much as the content world is expanding, without a universal content identifier, every transaction in the supply chain is ambiguous, and potentially wrong. And because systems have had to be put in place to reduce that ambiguity, transaction costs are unnecessarily high, and slow.

Only by using a universal identifier can a distributor and producer know that they are talking about the same work. In the same encoding. In the same aspect ratio. In the same language. With the same features.