The Title Manager Resolution API

If your organization needs deep EIDR integration, we can help.   Our EIDR Resolution API is a fast JSON REST-based API that allows you to:

  • Resolve EIDR IDs
  • Explore and retrieve entire title families
  • Resolve and search for EIDR Party IDs
  • Resolve titles by Alternate IDs like IMDB ID
  • Match EIDR registry titles by metadata
  • Track the status of Title Registrar-generated titles
  • Find existing titles with metadata
  • Cross-reference and maintain internal catalogs
  • 100,000 resolutions / month $100
  • 1 million resolutions / month $250
  • More than a million? Give us a call.
  • 30-day, evaluation access (10,000 resolutions) FREE!

Internal integrations can now be done in hours, not weeks or months.

It’s easy to use, and accessible from just about any mainstream scripting language like JavaScript, Python, or PHP.

When used in combination with our Title Manager app, you can make sure that every incoming work has a pre-existing EIDR ID, of the correct type, update internal catalogs with up-to-date EIDR metadata, and automate data exchange with distributors, ratings services, content aggregators, and ad placement companies.

And it’s fast!

We have a Python helper library that hides all the API plumbing, and allows you to work only with simple classes.   Here’s an example of a complete function to validate a title, and whether it’s a performance-level title:

import sysimport title_registry as ttr

def isPerformanceTitle(eidrid):
    response = ttr.get(eidrid)
    if response.ResponseType == ttr.ResponseType.ERROR:
        print(f'Response error: {response.error}, EIDR ID "{eidrid}')
        return False
    else: return response.titleType.__contains__("Edit") 
          or response.titleType.__contains__("Manifestation")

Resolution API

When you need to get title information from EIDR, our high-speed resolution API gets the job done.

  • Cheap
  • Fast (600 - 800 resolutions per second)
  • JSON response
  • Get all key information with a single request
  • Get info for a complete series

Reach us at

(307) 278-9588  or