Our Services

New Title Registration & Updates

If you’re ready to get your EIDR ID, you’ll create an account and login into our secure client portal called Title Manager which offers features that are easy to learn and to use:

  • 3-minute starter video guides you through how to use Title Manager
  • Data entry is easy and there are prompts to help you know how to fill out the fields
  • Validation on the data you entered helps to ensure accuracy and streamlines  the process
  • A historical audit trail of the EIDR IDs which allows you to know who, when and which updates were made to a title
  • View and Search your list of the new or updated title registrations within your organization
  • Notification via email and within Title Manager when your EIDR ID has passed quality control review and is ready for you to use on your project
  • Search  1M +  titles in the EIDR database which makes it easy to find and update existing title registrations. All new and updated titles to the EIDR database are added each day.
  • Secure checkout and payment processing

Enterprise Services

As the premiere EIDR specialists,  we have spent years developing an unmatched set of technical capabilities in support of EIDR registration, metadata management, and catalog consolidation.

Bulk Registration Services.  When there are hundreds, or thousands, of titles to be registered, manual form filling can be slow and error-prone.   Simply, give us a spreadsheet with the necessary information and we will take care of the rest.  Pricing depends on the size of the catalog, the quality of the data, and other factors.  Give us a call and we can discuss bulk discounts and pricing.

Catalog Matching/Merging.   If you have two catalogs that need to be matched or merged, talk to us about our matching software. We enable you to reliably automate the task of combining two lists without duplicates with our “fuzzy matching” software.

Data Enhancement and Quality Services.  If you have a catalog and would like to improve the data quality, then we can help you fill in missing information, correct inaccuracies, and generally improve the overall quality of your data.

Title Resolution API.   Our blazing fast search API provides the complete descriptive metadata along with advanced structural information which facilitates analytics such as aggregate or drill-down reporting.

Registration and Validation API.  If you or your IT team would like to automate registration, then take advantage of our tried-and-tested validation and registration APIs. Simply give us a call and let us show you how our software best serves you.

IT Consulting. We have been working with EIDR since not long after it was founded. Since then, we have become the premier specialists in EIDR metadata management.  Give us a call and ask us about how we can help you with your metadata needs.