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We are the world’s Number One source of new EIDR IDs, aside from EIDR itself.

We have been providing EIDR services to the world for over four years, and have over twenty years of entertainment data and metadata management experience.  We are the EIDR experts, putting EIDR registration within the reach of everyone who needs it.

The EIDR standard is transforming the entertainment industry by:

  • Saving the entertainment industry billions a year by removing logistical friction
  • Enabling accurate roll-up / drill-down analytics
  • Providing a completely unambiguous way to identify creative works in contracts, royalty agreements, and vendor sub-projects.
  • Allowing complete process workflow automation, with attendant improvements in the speed, accuracy, and cost of those processes.

EIDR is the key catalyst for the optimization of media production, distribution, revenue management, and consumption.

Obtaining an EIDR identifier early in your project allows you to use it in contracts, licenses, and agreements with vendors and partners during all phases of pre-production, production, and distribution.  The recommended “best practice” is to get an EIDR ID for your project as soon as it is green-lighted.

Because the EIDR ID is globally unique, it ensures that all partner and vendor hand-offs reference precisely the same work, and enables automation of workflow and project management communications.

EIDR IDs add precision and specificity to contracts, and royalty and distribution agreements, and lowers costs by eliminating misidentification of content and manual practices.  Our proprietary software helps make obtaining an EIDR ID quick, accurate and painless.

Here’s a short video (3 minutes) that shows you how our Title Manager works.  You can register a title now,  and have an EIDR ID for it by tomorrow.

We had the need for “one source of truth” in order to automate and modernize the publishing chain […] EIDR provided it.

Urban LöfbomSr. Project Manager, NENT

Originally, it took 50 hours to onboard a title: the average time is 12 minutes now [since EIDR IDs are] carried in the full round trip to help automate the entire supply chain.

Jason PeñaIndustry Standards Lead, Google Play

EIDR is used as the connective tissue [for our data management, asset management and publishing workflows].

Warner Brothershttps://

Title Registrar Features

  • No software to install

    Our Title Manager app is available 24/7, from any web  browser.

  • Get an ID by the Next Business Day

    Our clients usually receive an EIDR ID within one business day

  • Audit Trails

    We maintain a complete edit history of every title we register.

  • Secure credit card payment processing

    We use Stripe as our payment processor, ensuring safe and secure online payment.

  • International

    No matter where in the world you are, EIDR registration is available,

  • Easy to Use

    Fill out a form, get an EIDR ID.  It’s as simple as that.

  • We review your titles before EIDR does

    Each registration is reviewed for accuracy and completeness, so your registration will be right.

  • Pay-per-title pricing

    No need for a membership or long term commitment.

  • Automatic notification

    You’ll receive an email notification the moment your title is registered.

  • 24/7 access

    Register your titles anytime, from anywhere.

Business Cases

Production Companies

EIDR IDs are critical in streamlining distribution, and audience and royalty analytics. Sharing a common identifier reduces ambiguity, and allows automation of workflows that previously required lots of human intervention.  A globally-unique ID makes information exchange fast, precise, and universal, and allows computer-to-computer workflow processes that save everyone time, money, and pain.


EIDR IDs are critical for streamlining distribution workflows. 100% EIDR coverage allows 100% automation of intake and ingest, and hand-offs to suppliers, audience measurement services, and payment management.  EIDR IDs are increasingly becoming a non-negotiable prerequisite for distribution.

OTT Services

OTT Services must move fast and work smart.  As more services become available, and service niches become more specific, speed and efficiency are necessary for survival.

Once of the most powerful tools for running fast and lean is EIDR integration.